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Bella Cruz

Creator of the Revolutionary Accountability Performance Model ©

Bella Cruz is a #1 International Bestselling Author and Keynote Motivational Speaker, a highly sought after transformational Award-Winning Executive Consultant and CEO & Founder of Bella Cruz Enterprises, LLC.

As one of the world’s most impactful corporate trainers and executive consultants, she takes a unique approach to create deep and lasting change in leaders and organizations.

Bella is credited with numerous award-winning enterprise process improvements that increased revenue, business strategies and eliminated waste through lean methodologies.

Master’s Degree
Certifications & Certificates
Walt Disney Institute | John Maxwell |  Belmont University Lean A3 Foundations© | InsideOut Coaching for Breakthrough Performance© | DISC™ | FranklinCovey ©| MBTI, CPP Myers-Briggs Type Indicator © | ATD Credentialed Master Trainer | ATD Change Management  | Dale Carnegie



#1 International Bestseller

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Bell Cruz
Please Fire Me! I Cant Stand My Boss by Bella Cruz
bella cruz

Building Leaders... Building Legacies ™

Accountable leaders attract top performers and sustain their employees. Yet, one of the greatest challenges supervisors face today is low trust and accountability in the workplace!
Whether you are a seasoned leader or a first-time supervisor, you can learn what it takes to motivate employees to show up and perform at their best.


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