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Bell Cruz
Please Fire Me! I Can't Stand My Boss
bella cruz

Please Fire Me! I Can't Stand My Boss

How Today's Leaders Build Relationships, Job Satisfaction & Retention ™

Accountable leaders attract top performers and sustain their employees. Yet, one of the greatest challenges supervisors face today is low trust and accountability in the workplace!  
Whether you are a seasoned leader or a first-time supervisor, you can learn what it takes to motivate employees to show up and perform at their best.

Leaders and supervisors… Discover:

  • – 7 secrets that create a high-trust culture of accountability in the workplace
  • – “Dos and Don’ts” to engage, motivate, and connect with your employees to enhance relationships
  • – Discover your current accountability leadership performance
  • – Gain access to transformative and timesaving coaching tools – The Accountability Performance Model ©& a One-on-One Meeting Questionnaire for Supervisors © that you can use today with your teams
  • – Identify open-ended questions that increase employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and improve processes

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Bella is credited with numerous award-winning corporate process improvements that increased employee engagement, revenue, business strategies and eliminated waste through lean methodologies.

Please Fire Me! I Can't Stand My Boss

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